A renaissance of discovery continues to reveal the vast potential of microbes. Our platform enables rapid, efficient translation of breakthrough research across a diverse set of microbial applications for both human and environmental health. We maintain a core nucleus of research, development, and commercialization infrastructure to scale up numerous programs in parallel.


Academic Collaborations

Our partnerships with renowned scientists and academic institutions across the globe comprise a range of disciplines. These technology partnerships are structured as joint-ventures, technology subsidiaries, or directed research from discovery through early stages of mechanistic validation.
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Intellectual Property

Our IP estate encompasses composition of matter and method of use claims drafted to ensure protection in the US, Europe, and APAC. In addition to our own filings, we engage directly with the USPTO and WIPO, via our licensors. Our trademarks span four continents, ensuring seamless global distribution.


Live microbes are regulated as either a consumer health product or a drug. We engage with regulatory agencies dependent on the path and territory. Filings include Investigational New Drug (IND), Novel Foods, INCI, and FDA-notified GRAS applications.


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Master Cell Bank

Our Master Cell Bank (with repositories in the US and Germany) includes thousands of strains isolated from multi-year, academic research. We conduct multi-omic analysis on metabolic pathways, antibiotic resistance, and mobile elements to generate data critical to identify candidates and evaluate industrial feasibility for scale up.

Biofermentation + Scale-Up

Optimization of growth media, cryoprotectants, and gas intake impact overall yield and stability in biofermentation. With embedded R+D and verticalized machinery at GMP and cGMP facilities, we scale up from 5L to 10,000L tanks. We also evaluate post-fermentation byproducts in both lab scale and industrial conditions.

Clinical Research

Beyond in vitro / ex vivo models, clinical data on both single strains and consortia are generated from triple-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled trials with sequencing performed in HIPAA compliant labs. Our trials are led by physician Principal Investigators and employ new technologies to decentralize patient recruitment, track patient inputs, and generate novel data.
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Human-Centered Design

Our education and sustainability-first ethos considers every touch point as an opportunity for impact. We synthesize insights, anecdotal inputs, and “gut instinct” across industrial design, biomaterial applications, delivery technologies, brand, member experience, digital, and real-world activations, to evolve the UX and UI of health.
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Science Communications

Global issues like COVID-19 and climate change are evidence that science needs storytellers. Inspired by the assertion that “science isn’t finished until it’s communicated,” we educate and shift perspective through written word, poetry, visual storytelling, limited edition artifacts, and digital activations.


We are an interdisciplinary team of symbionts across research, design, development, communications, and commercialization. With DTC DNA and an expanding global ecosystem, we’re scaling our impact while cultivating a community of curious Superorganisms emboldened to care for their health, their microbes, and our planet.
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Strategic partners and kindred humans who feel inspired to accelerate our work — kindly be in touch.